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JULIA Pintzopoulos: artist, teacher & Writer

JDesigns Artware is a collection of mixed media artwork meant to inspire interior spaces for children and adults.


Artist, teacher, and writer Julia Pintzopoulos (D'Angelo) is the person behind the studio.


Julia works to balance beautiful, natural, and satirical elements in her practice. She continues to strengthen her art making with a deepening appreciation for intuitive design, character development, and funny little things. She finds new inspiration through teaching, writing, and process oriented creation.


Julia holds a Bachelor of Arts from Marist College where she studied Studio Art, Digital Media and Western Art History. She became a certified Visual Art Educator through Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011 and is currently a full time teacher in a diverse elementary school. She achieved a Masters in Curriculum and Design through Fitchburg State College in 2017 and ESL certification through the Massachusetts Department of Education. She is passionate about teaching students from diverse backgrounds, sharing mindfulness resources, and using humor to connect via her creative endeavors.

Julia also teaches private art parties through her sister site 

To purchase prints of Julia's work, you can visit her Etsy shop at 

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